Three Important Aspects Of Mobile Legends Game: Emblems, Skins, And Chests!

Three Important Aspects Of Mobile Legends Game: Emblems, Skins, And Chests!

Mobile Legends is an addictive online game, which has gained immense popularity in the online world of gaming. The game has already reached 10 million downloads and is yet counting! In this post, you will gain information on three most important aspects of Mobile Legends game, which are Emblems, Skins, and Chests. So, keep reading!


Emblems are important part of Mobile Legends game. You can unlock some Emblems in the beginning of the game. As you keep progressing with each level, you will be able to unlock better Emblems. The level of Emblems also enhances as you keep reaching new stages. Higher level of Emblems provides better benefits in comparison to lower levels. You will come across eight kinds of Emblems in the game. Each of them has different stats, so you need to have complete knowledge about them. You should always use an emblem that compliments your Hero so that your gaming character wins the battles easily.

Mentioned below are the eight types of Emblems that are accessible in Mobile Legends game:

ü Magic Emblem: Cool down reduction as well as magic power is the main focal point of Magic Emblem. This Emblem works well with Heroes such as Aurora, Nana, Eudora, Gord, Karina, etc. These Heroes are well aware of the tactics that need to be used for casting spell to boost the gameplay.

ü Jungle Emblem: The main highlight of the Emblem is movement speed and attack speed. It is a perfect Emblem for Heroes such as Miya, Layla, Alucard, Bruno, etc. as they usually use basic attack as their powerful skill for causing damage to the opponents.

ü Tank Emblem: Defensive stats like Magic Resist, HP, armor, etc. are the main focus of Tank Emblem. This Emblem works perfectly well with Heroes such as Lolita, Akai, Ruby, Johnson, etc.

ü Physical Emblem: Physical attack is the main highlight of this Emblem. Physical Emblem works well with those Heroes that are crossbreed on physical attack as well as armor. Some examples of such types of Heroes are Balmond, Chou, Sun, Alpha, etc.

ü Physical Assassin Emblem: The foremost focal point of this Emblem is physical damage reduction and physical attack. You can unlock the Emblem after reaching Level 12. However, ensure that you have 200 Magic Dust and 200 Diamonds to unlock it. The Emblem is perfect for Heroes such as Layla, Natalya, Alpha, Saber, Clint, etc. as they can execute burst-based physical attack on the enemies.

ü Fighter Emblem: The Fighter Emblem is perfect for those Heroes who like Hybrid stats. You can unlock the Emblem after reaching Level 20. Ensure that you have 500 Diamonds and 500 Magic Dust for unlocking the Emblem. It can be used by most of the Heroes as it has unlimited stats like enhancing physical attack and weapons, improving the attack speed, and much more.

ü Magic Assassin Emblem: Similar to the Physical Assassin Emblem, it is based on Magical Damage caused to opponents. You can unlock it by reaching Level 12 in the game. You will need 200 Diamonds and 200 Magic Dust to unlock the Emblem. It works perfectly well for various Heroes who use magic to cause damage on the enemies.

ü Roamer Emblem: The primary highlight of the Emblem is Hybrid Penetration and Movement Speed. You can unlock it by reaching Level 20. For procuring the Emblem, you will require 500 Magic Dust and 500 Diamonds. The Emblem compliments Heroes such as Hayabusa and Natalia because they can deal with burst physical damage.


Skins can help in upgrading your Heroes so acquiring them is vital in the game. Most of the gamers prefer spending real money for buying Skins as acquiring them in the traditional way is a time-consuming task. You need to play the game patiently every single day so that you earn Skins as rewards. For instance; by logging to the game for seven successive days, you will earn a chest. When you unlock the chest, you can get Skins and some more freebies.

Similarly, if you login to the game for 14 consecutive days, then you will earn the Lucky Spin as a reward. By spinning the Lucky Wheel there is high possibility to win Skins as a reward. You can even win several rewards by logging to the game consecutively for three months. Some of these rewards are Skins, Tickets, Battle Points, etc. In short, the gaming developers reward their gamers handsomely for signing and playing their game on a regular basis. Another way to earn Skins is by participating in special events like the Global Competition and trying to win them. So, keep playing and keep earning!


Chests can be earned as rewards by logging to the game daily. When you earn a Chest as a reward, you can claim it from the Events Hall. There are two types of Chests accessible in the game – Free Chests and Medal Chests. Both these Chests contain several freebies, which can enhance your gaming characters. To avail these freebies, you need to unlock these Chests. Some of these freebies are temporary skills, skins, Battle Points, Magic Dust, etc. Temporary skills will help your gaming character to win the matches effortlessly.

Each day, you can earn two Chests as rewards. Each Chest will refill after a time period of four hours. So, if you play the game continuously then you can get one new Chest every four hours. To unlock Medal Chests, you need to play certain number of PvP matches. When you win two matches, you can unlock a Medal Chest. Usually, you will earn Premium Skins as rewards in Medal Chests.