How to obtain much amount of currency in Dragon City?


We know the value of money in our general life and Dragon city mobile game currency is also significant. The game is revolving around the city of the dragon and in which you are dealing with some legends players.  It has many kinds of battles rounds, and most of them are giving us various types of currency .the game come with different major currencies like gems, gold, and food. If any players want to play well, then he has to collect much amount of currency.

Most of the online players are using some kinds of free smart tools like Dragon city cheats. The cheats are easily solving your problem of currency, but for long survival, we should know some right way for obtaining currency. Now we are sharing smart tricks for collecting a high amount of it.

Join the dragon league tournaments

The game has many kinds of battles, and you can compete in dragon league tournaments. Such is a quick way of collecting the currency.  For that, the players will get 2 gems and some amount of gold. The gold is used for purchasing many new things, and it is also making unlocking handy.

Tap for free rewards

Some of the new players are getting a high amount of free rewards on the beginning but after some time the amount of such amount of decrease. But for some time we can get free rewards, and for that, we have to click on free rewards tap.

An additional way for currency

You can take some help from the internet because there are lots of new ways is added. Most of the users are going for videos and cheats for it. One of the suitable ways for currency is Dragon city cheats and it effective for us.