Bit Heroes: Guide for Beginners to Learn The Game


Bit Heroes is a game that made for everyone, every age of player would love to play the game. It is because the game is designed with very adorable graphics and gameplay. The game is very simple to understand, collect the lost puzzling pieces and craft to unlock new levels reach higher levels. While completing the game, players can upgrade the strength and powers of Heroes. With the help of the main currency, Gold & Bit Heroes Hack players can upgrade the strength and enhance their power.

Tips for beginners to remember

·         Choose The Suitable Character – To begin the game, first players have to choose a character, the chosen character will be permanent, and players have to complete the game with them.

·         Check the level and statistics of player – While playing the game, players can check the stats and level of the character. With the levels and stats, players are allowed to see how strong is their player and what kind of level up their character is required. Every player has different power and stats, so it becomes easy to understand what kind of level of the character required.

·         Choose the suitable equipment to fight – A character has many types of equipment, and they can bring many types, but at the beginning, they can only choose single equipment. Equipment contains Armor, Shield, and Weapon which are purchased by Gold but players can use Bit Heroes Hack to get more.

·         Know the importance of currency – In the game, two important currencies are available first currency is Gold coin and a second Diamond gem. Both currencies help to purchase various types of things in the game. Gems are premium currencies, so don’t use it until you don’t have any option.